Non c'è rosa senza spine
Простой рецепт маффинов от моей американской подруги Шеннон.

170g butter (room temperature)
330g powdered sugar (half for frosting)
Lemon peel
140g flour
60ml milk
20ml lemon juice (for frosting)
12 teaspoons raspberry jam
Fresh raspberries for garnish

Oven at 175 degrees for 23 min.

Mix all ingredients, minus half the powdered sugar, lemon juice, raspberry jam, and raspberries. Once batter is mixed, put a spoonful in each muffin liner, then put a teaspon for jam, top with more batter. Once cupcakes are baked and cooled, u can put the frosting on them, mix the rest of the powdered sugar and lemon juice, can also add raspberry jam to make frosting red. Top each cupcake with a raspberry

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